barnabas - find your heart a homeBARNABAS
Find Your Heart A Home
Tunesmith / Light
1982 / 1984

Second release from rock outfit Barnabas, Find Your Heart A Home was first released in 1982 on the Tunesmith label, then re-released through Light Records after they signed with them at the time.  Labels tend to do that, especially when the first release is a rare out-of-print item to begin with.

Fans of the band who were only familiar with their later albums may have been a bit surprised with the significant difference this early release was like.  The songwriting was all over the place, going from classic rock one song, to funk, to basic Jesus hippie rock, to the blues, without any of the songs sounding like the band was gelling.  This resulted in a rather uneven release, with the production mix not helping things.  There are some glimpses of what the band was set to become, but overall it’s a mediocre record at best, something for completest.