See_you_at_the_poleSo, this morning is the yearly See You At The Pole event.  The morning when students at various high schools gather voluntarily outside of their schools, around the flagpole, before school officially starts for the day, and takes some time to pray around said flagpole.  An unassuming action, but a powerful stand for Jesus nonetheless.

I never was able to get involved with See You At The Pole while I was in High School.  While I did come out of the closet as a Christian my senior year, the whole SYATP thing wasn’t instituted with the local Bible Study until after I graduated in 1992.  I’ve attended a couple of them, but never in the student capacity.

Two decades of being involved in one form or another with the local teen Bible study here, and it still warms me to see that there are kids willing to take a public stand for their faith.  It’s hard, believe me I remember all too well.  But, my thoughts and prayers go out to them as they gather this morning.  Cheers.