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“Never build on an ancient Indian burial ground! I thought everybody knew that.”

Silent Hill: Revelation was a sequel I was surprised saw the light of day. I knew they were planning one, but I wasn’t exactly clamoring for a follow-up to the 20__ original movie based on the uber-creepy survival horror game. Matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware it was even released until I happened to see the title on the marquee of the second-run theater in Omaha one afternoon. Still, it wasn’t until almost a year later, when it popped up on Netflix Streaming, when I finally watched the sequel that so far has received rather negative reviews, and I had low expectations for to begin with.

I have to admit that Silent Hill: Revelation was a pretty decent horror movie on an atmospheric level – the visuals and effects lent a very palpable Lovecraftian tone to everything, along with the music cues and photography. The story, I guess is based on the third Silent Hill game, but since I’ve only played the first game a long time ago, I couldn’t really tell you how that went. There are some callbacks to the first movie, the more glaring one being the attempt to explain how Sharron made it back from being trapped in the foggy alternate dimension at the end of the first movie. At least we only suffered through one scene with a bad child actor, there. Speaking of the acting, it’s about as what you would expect – wooden, melodramatic and rather boring. Everyone’s either mopey, brooding, or – in the case of the religious wackos that populate Silent Hill – over-the-top melodramatic. There’s a scene early on where Sharron explains to a class full of your typical catty high school classmates that she’s just a loner and emo chick (not in those exact words, mind you), don’t remember my name, typical angsty drama from your typical stereotypical world of modern teenage whatever, that made me groan out loud and shake my head in fear of the acting that was to come.

So, basically Silent Hill: Revelation has some really good effects and atmosphere, hampered with mediocre-at-best acting and a ham-fisted script. In other words, more of the same from the first movie. Good for a rental, glad I didn’t spend the money for the movie theater on this one.