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100% Proof

I’m sitting here, listening to the first full-length release from the UK rock band 100% Proof, and the only question I can think of right now is, how is it these guys never broke it big?  Especially here in the States.  I mean, considering there were the likes of Petra, Resurrection Band, Barnabas, the Daniel Band, and other heavier Christian rock acts getting more attention, 100% Proof would have fit right in with the bunch.  And I mean, perfectly.

Listen, the sound on this self-titled debut album is vastly improved over the four-song EP from the previous year.  This time around, they seemed to have secured a proper label release on Myrrh, which wasn’t a stranger to other so-called Jesus People rock bands.  The music is much more focused, and retains the raw, crunchy blues-based hard rock that made the EP such a hidden gem to find.  Here, from the first track “Back Seat Driver”, we’re treated to some classic, crunchy guitar-driven classic hard rock, much in the vein of the Bon Scott-era AC/DC.  Matter of fact, I would argue that any one of the first three AC/DC releases from the early-to-mid 1970s would serve as the inspiration to the songs.  You can hear it in the guitar riffs and leads, and the very blues-based rhythms.  Matter of fact, the song “The Loner” is an ode to the death of the former AC/DC vocalist.

The only drawback to this album, I would say, would be that one of the vocalists seems to be a bit on the generic side.  He performs his duty…but doesn’t really inject much personality in there.  There are a small handful that seem to feature a more gritty vocalist, which I think could have been used for all of the songs really.  Otherwise, here’s the deal: There are 8 songs on this album, and none of them are ballads.  The closest you get is the blues-seeped “The Loner”, but even that gets heavier as the song progresses.  Listen, if you’ve ever had a soft spot for the early days of Christian rock and hard rock, do yourselves a favor and check out this self-titled debut from 100% Proof.  I demand a decent remastering and re-release of this one.