Image100% PROOF
New Way Of Livin’ EP
Smile Records

100% Proof was a Christian hard rock band that formed in 1978 in the Greater Manchester area of the UK.  Not much can be found about this band online (believe me, I tried), and outside of the often mentioned fact that guitarist / vocalist Charlie Wilson went on to play with the band Force 3, there’s not much out there concerning their five year existence, or their three releases.

Which is unfortunate, as from listening to their material recently, the band should have gotten a shot at getting big in the budding Christian hard rock movement.  This first release of theirs, the New Way Of Livin’ EP, is a four-song 7-incher that features some great and varied rock from the straight-forward guitar driven hard rock of the title track and “What’s The Cost”, the early ska flavored “Lookin’ In”, and the smoking blues rock of the final song, the instrumental “Resurrection”.  The production is pretty raw, but given the time of its release, and the fact that the Christian music world was still trying to wrap their heads around the concept of “Christian Rock”, the point is easily forgivable.

I’ve seen this band listed as straight rock, new wave, and even lumped into the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement.  Truth is, 100% Proof was a rock band that was varied and showed a lot of promise with this four-song EP.  Check this one out if you can.