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facepalmFascinates me at the generally accepted dichotomies that society at large cling to without second thoughts.  Like the obsession with living long, vibrant lives, indeed trying to find a way to live forever…and yet abhorring the thought of growing old.  Is it any wonder I’m insane, really?  Side effect of being so saturated as I am, here.

No one is concerned with the truth; everyone is concerned with being right.  The orgasm has replaced the Cross as the focal point of society’s adoration and worship.


Just some randumb thoughts I had this morning, really…

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giant red bubble in spaceThe time between now and the union between me and my beloved is, by my vantage point within this space-time continuum, a long way off.  Relatively speaking.  I anxiously await the day.  Until then, much work shall have to be done.

Packing, the going through of my personal items to see what can stay and what shall go.  I trust that many things must go.  The hardest part would be going through the books and deciding what has to go.  Mayhaps give them to Half Price Books, see about getting some store credit for more reading material.  Or maybe just bestow them onto a Goodwill, or a library.  Donate them to the Hooper Public Library.  There’s a thought.

First, though, I must sort through them, determine the ones I have read and the ones I have not read.  Then further pair down the ones I have read to the ones I have reviewed and have not reviewed.

Or maybe I’ll just end up holding on to all of them.  We shall see.


As I weep in anticipation…

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I keep hearing pre-release cuts from Carcass’ upcoming album, Surgical Steel, and I can’t help but be chomping at the bit for this thing to finally get released for consumption (regardless of this song’s title):

Husker Exodus, Time Lord Trials, and Viral Engagements…

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van gogh tardisSaturday night, and I just got back from Lincoln.  Thought that, before I crashed for the night to get up and go back to Lincoln again tomorrow morning, I would capture some brain droppings for the day, and such.

First off, someone I grew up with, went to school and attended the same small town church with back in the day, got herself published.  She’s a deep-thinkin’ theological type now (along with being a wife and mother), which resulted in this book right here.  While I do occasionally go for some good theological non-fiction, right now my own reading backlog is so deeply stacked it’s going to be a while before I’m able to even think about buying a copy of my own.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this here post, I just got back from Lincoln.  Lincoln, Nebraska, to be precise.  And while the town is growing on me since I’m spending more time there, tonight there was a home game for the Huskers.  And since the game apparently got over around the same time I said goodbye to Kim and began to head back north from whence I came, there were a LOT of cars making their exodus out of the town via Cornhusker Highway at the same time.  Yowzers, that was a convoy.  But, that’s neither hear nor there.  Because I could actually care less about football.  Blasphemy to some, I know, and especially due to the fact that I’m a native Nebraskan that doesn’t really follow the Huskers…well, let’s just say I’m surprised that no one has tried to call Homeland Security on me just yet.  Not that I’m trying to give anyone ideas, here.

One of the things I was in Lincoln for, though, was the monthly Doctor Who fan club meeting.  Yep, I’m that kind of geek, in case many of the posts so far haven’t tipped you off to that yet.  Today, we continued in with our exploration of the Classic Doctor episodes, with the long-form multi-part epic “Trial Of A Time Lord”, staring Colin Baker as the Doctor.  Interesting tale, really; the story behind the scenes with making that entire serial itself a fascinating story.  Really, I do think that Colin Baker gets a bad rap as being considered the worst Doctor in the show’s history.  He’s a capable actor…although, to be fair, that outfit of his didn’t really help for taking him seriously.  He looks more like an impish chocolateer than a time-and-space faring alien scientist.  And after 14 episodes, in 7 hours…yeah, I survived watching the entire thing, but not without some my butt feeling a bit numb.

And one last thing before I drop off:  Kim and I made our engagement (which officially happened two weeks ago) public knowledge on Facebook, on each of our respective pages.  We took a while to do this, mainly so that we could tell certain people in person before they heard anything second hand, mostly close immediate family members.  But now, as Kim had put it, we have gone ahead and scattered the feathers to the wind.

I can feel my brain shutting down right now.  Calling it a night.  Cheers, my wonderful freaks.


I absolutely love Half Price Books…

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…because this is what I found today, while I was taking care of some business in Omaha:

half price book find


And the best part is that, not only is this a Doctor Who book, but it’s based on a lost episode written by none other than Douglas Adams himself.  Can’t wait to crack open and devour this sucker…cheers…


Some randumb brain droppings, here…

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Morning time, on another Friday.  I sit writing this deep within my crypt, instead of jotting it down on a piece of notebook paper at work, gathering my general brain droppings as I normally do, waiting for my work shift to begin.  Today, though, since I have a doctor’s appointment at 8:15 this morning, I am waiting until a bit later to take off, so that I can go immediately to the doctor’s appointment, get that out of the way, and then eat breakfast and await my work shift to begin.

It’s been almost a year now, since I was diagnosed with and began treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.  I remember being admitted into the hospital last Halloween day, after not having felt too well for almost the entire year leading up to that.  It was…surreal, really.  As Kim has mentioned so many times, the year that was 2012 was not a very good one for many, many people.

Since then, I have dropped over 30 pounds, and several waist sizes in my pants.  I now prick my finger every morning to check the blood sugar levels, and keep a close eye on what I eat, being careful not to overdo things.  I also have to take medication nightly for this, along with the other two I’m on for blood pressure reasons.

I wonder how today’s checkup is going to go.  There’s still the balance I have left on the doctor’s bill, obviously.  But that’s being whittled away slowly as I can afford it.  Not much I can do until I’m able to get a better paying job and such.  May Father God provide for me, as He has always done.

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.  My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.” – John 14:23


Movie Review: WRISTCUTTERS- A Love Story

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 Autonomous Films

“Cute?  That’s what they say about the puppy.  The only thing worse is ‘good friend’ or ‘nice person’.  In plain English it means I’ll leach off you as long as I can, but don’t even think about getting into my pants.”

Well, now.  Normally I don’t go for those quirky indie-type romantic comedies.  Not my thing, and quite frankly they’ve been done ad nausium recently due to flicks like Juno, Nick And Norah’s Infinite Play List, and pretty much almost anything staring that kid from Arrested Development.  I checked out Wrist Cutters: A Love Story simply because of the title, really.  Sounded like another indie rom-com, but had the potential to be a rather dark indie rom-com, so I thought I’d take a break from the usual stuff that graces my DVD player, and check this one out for kicks and giggles.

Really, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story wasn’t too bad.  Matter of fact, it was a rather amusing tale of existentialist angst and the afterlife.  Specifically, the limo-like area that the souls of suicide victims go to live out a washed-out and bland-ish existence.  Or something like that.

The tale of Wrist Cutters focuses on Zia, who commits suicide a few minutes into the flick, and then gets a job and settles into his routine in the afterlife limbo that resembles a sad run-down town in the middle of a desert, where he meets Eugene, a Russian musician, and they take off to find Zia’s ex-girlfriend whom he learned committed suicide herself a month or so after he did.  Along the way, they pick up a spunky hitchhiker trying to find the Person In Charge to plead her case that she was there by mistake, run across a shantytown camp populated with a motley crew of misfits, and a cult leader that’s played by the guy who was Gob in Arrested Development.  Yeah, there’s a scene where he’s standing on a roof in front of an audience of his followers, wearing a cape, and I kept expecting to hear Europe’s “The Final Countdown” to start playing.

Turns out, I actually enjoyed Wrist Cutters: A Love Story, and am rather glad I rented it to begin with.  It’s not my type of genre, but it’s dark, quirky, well shot and is populated with a surprising amount of recognizable faces, with a script that was well written and acted accordingly.  Really, Wristcutters is a quirky existentialist road trip movie that I recommend checking out sometime.

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