13 HOURS IN A WAREHOUSECrotalus Productions

“All day long, man. THWACK! Rag doll.”

After a successful museum heist, five thieves hold up for the night in an abandoned warehouse while waiting for the guy who hired ’em for the heist to show up, taking a last minute hostage with them. As they settle in for a night of cards, beer drinking, and discussions on masturbation and the film work of Robin Williams, a mysterious number appears on the warehouse wall. Then ghosts start popping up. And it’s just a matter of time when the five guys let their paranoia run rampant…

Gotta say, I was kinda surprised by this film. I do watch a lot of low-budget horror flicks, so much so that, at this point in the game, I have my expectations rather low. There are those low budget films that range from the beyond terrible, and on the other end of the spectrum there are those that are surprisingly well-made for the budget they had to work with. 13 Hours In A Warehouse falls somewhere in the mid-point of that spectrum, leaning a bit towards the later end.

Story wise, the plot is something like a poor man’s Reservoir Dogs stumbling upon the House On Haunted Hill remake. Or Warehouse On Haunted Hill. Or something. The warehouse in question was once used to make snuff films by the father of two of the thieves, and thus the haunting by the spirits of the dead victims of said films fills in that plot device. The actors do pretty well, hamming it up a bit, but overall competent enough. No one was particularly annoying, like a lot of low-budget actors I”ve had the displeasure of seeing. The effects are sparce, but done particularly well for what they had. The ghost effects were rather creative, I thought. The running time was 90 minutes, though there could have easily been a good 10 minutes total shaved off here and there to keep things going, as this film does suffer from pointless lags.

But, overall, I did enjoy the movie on a certain level, thinking that, if given a good polish job on the script, some decent experienced actors (Vin Diesel could have easily played one part, methinks), and an experienced director, editor, and a budget for effects and such, this could be a contender for a good theatrical horror release. Otherwise, as it is, I would recommend checking this out at least once, just to see a diamond in the rough.