28 WEEKS LATERFox Atomic

“Abandon selective targeting. Shoot everything. Targets are now free. We’ve lost control.”

Once again I have underestimated the power of independent horror to scare the earwax out of me. Shouldn’t have been so precautious about seeing this one. Truth be told, I’ve been kinda jaded and weary of shelling out my own hard-earned cash to see what could potentially be 90-plus-some minutes of wasted potential. Let’s face it- the horror genre has been a vapid wasteland as of late, which does explain the lateness of many, many reviews I should have posted by now. But, I digest…

28 Days Later rocked my face off with its tale of post-apocalyptic survival in London after a bio-plague turned much of its citizenry into maddened flesh eaters. 28 Weeks Later picks up after all of those infected by the Rage virus died of starvation, and the American Nato force is cleaning up London to repopulate and rebuild. A couple of kids who were in Spain during the initial outbreak return to their father, who thought he saw his wife die at the hands of the a group of infected. Said kids decide to break out of the sector into the restricted area of London to gather some mementos from their old digs, and discover their mother alive and…well, alive. Turns out she’s infected, but is immune. Because of this, one of the Nato scientists figures they could come up with a vaccine to the Rage; because she’s a carrier who could potentially reinfect the populace, the command wants her eliminated. Before anything can be done, though, Patient Zero’s husband, in an act of remorse-fueled stupidity, gets infected by her, and wackiness doth ensue.

Compared with other thriller / horror movies like this that have come out recently, 28 Weeks Later comes out on top. This movie I found to be truly creepy on all levels. You actually connect with the kids and their father’s plight, along with the crisis of conscience that some of the soldiers have dealing with this new insurgence. The makeup effects, especially on the infected Ragers, is very effective. Once the credits rolled, I was twitching quite nicely, thank you very much.

Am I kicking myself for not having seen this in the theaters? Well, not quite. Still don’t like the prices they charge nowadays, even if the movie is well worth the price. Would I have kicked myself if I never got around to watching this in the first place? In a heartbeat, baby. Recommended…