300Warner Bros.

“The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and that before this battle is done, that even a god king can bleed.”

You talk about a movie that makes you want to run around a forest naked and kill something with your bare hands afterward.

This tale of a relatively small Spartan army holding the Persian empire at bay hearkens back to a time in movie epics where men were men, stepping up to their responsibilities, and dripping with testosterone. Or, that could have just been the vegetable oil that was slathered on their chiseled physiques.

I type this as a man fairly secure in his heterosexuality.

All eyebrow cocking aside, 300 was everything an epic historical action film based on a graphic novel is supposed to be. The story is engaging, engrossing, and well paced. The film style and effects brought out the surreal qualities of a comic book that enhanced the story.

While there were those who always try to find some hidden pretext in every movie–my favorites being that it was anti-Palestinian, or it was a jab against Americans and President Bush–I say, it’s just a movie, folks. Not necessarily historically accurate (show me a movie that is), just sit back and enjoy.