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“He thinks that’s funny.  He thinks that’s a funny thing he’s doing.”

It’s Jason Voorhees versus his arch nemesis, a prepubescent Corey Fieldman! Yes, here it is, in the fourth and increasingly mislabeled “The Final Chapter” in the Friday The 13th series, where we witness the final death of Jason, and also the final movie in the First Era of the Friday The 13th franchise.  Confused?  Let your Uncle NecRo explain, my tender dumplings…

After three films, Paramount decided to make the fourth one the last one in the popular slasher series.  As such, they pulled out the stops, and brought us the for-realsies death of the living Jason Voorhees, once and for all.  Why did they decide to do this?  Beats me.  The result, though, was an entry that many fans consider the best one of the entire franchise.

Also notable is the appearance of not only the aforementioned Corey Fieldman as the young, adorable horror enthusiast, but also a not-yet-too-weird Crispen Glover as part of the cast.  Of course, this is a Friday The 13th movie, so there’s kills aplenty, all culminating in a showdown that’s interesting but rather satisfying.

Had they stopped here, like they intended to do so, I’m sure no one would have complained too much.  Of course, everyone bearing the power of hindsight, we all know what had happened after this movie.  But, that’s for a bunch of fanboy whining in other blog posts.  As it stands, Friday The 13th Part IV might not really be the “final chapter”, but it is a rather fun watch in a series that has definitely seen much worse days.  Recommended.