his father's son (bentley little)

Bentley Little

Steve Nye writes for alumni publications, and his long-term relationship is on the steady path to marriage.  But his quiet life takes an unexpected turn when he receives a phone call from his mother.  His father attacked her and has been committed to a psych ward. The doctor says he’s suffering from dementia – but Steve’s father seems so calm, clear-eyed, and perfectly lucid when he whispers, “I killed her.”  Is it simply another symptom of delusion and madness?  To find the answer, Steve investigates the cryptic message, which leads him down a terrifying path of his own making…and of his own nightmares.

Yes, another Bentley Little novel read.  I’ve been going through them like they were bags of potato chips.  And I’m a man who loves his potato chips, so to say I can’t read just one page (or chapter), that I have to continue through until it’s finished, leaving only crumbs and a bloated yet satisfied feeling as I slip into unconsciousness on the couch, a smile on my grease-smeared lips…

Okay, these food analogies are beginning to get a bit disturbing, I’m beginning to realize.  I digress.

Okay, so, His Father’s Son, published in 2009, is a rather engrossing psychological thriller about a young man’s descent into his seemingly latent sociopathic nature, brought about by his father’s own sudden mental illness.  One of the few non-supernatural tales Mr. Little has spun, nonetheless His Father’s Son reads like a good Alfred Hitchcock flick, right down to the subtle twists and turns in the story.  I do believe the word “page-turner” applies to this novel.  Those into tense psychological thrillers as well as Bentley Little fans will enjoy His Father’s Son down to the last page.  I know I did.