charlie brown halloweenIt occurs to me that, for a blog entitled “Confessions Of A Christian Freak”, I haven’t been posting very many confessions since I started this up a couple of months ago.  Yeah, I’ve been busy porting over all of the stuff I’ve done on the previous blogs (barely scratching the surface on that, trust me), but that’s not much of an excuse, now is it?  So let me go ahead and remedy this, and what better time to do so than today: HALLOWEEN!

Yes, I am a Christian who absolutely loves Halloween.  You might even say that it’s my favorite holiday of the year.  Matter of fact, I normally maintain something of an online countdown leading up to the 31st of October, recounting my favorite Halloween-related topics and nostalgic whatnot.  This year, however, I’ve been kind of sidetracked, what with becoming engaged and planning a marriage and all, so I hope you’ll understand why it’s been rather anaemic with my usual holiday tradition.

So, why do I, as one who professes faith in the Deity many normally associate with the likes of Christmas and Easter, consider Halloween – a holiday normally associated with, um, that other guy – the best holiday of the year?  Well, I could give you a multiple-point explanation, but in the name of brevity I won’t (besides, it’s already been brilliantly postulated in this article right here); instead, I’ll give you the one big reason why I get excited whenever I see the stores stocking up on the Halloween items:

Halloween is the perfect expression of my faith in Jesus Christ.

Go ahead and re-read that if you need to.  You read it right.  I believe that Halloween – and by extension, the Gothic aesthetic overall – is the perfect vehicle for my symbolic expression of my faith.

Think about it.  The very word “Halloween” is a contraction of “All Hallow’s Eve”, the night before the recognized holiday All Saints Day.  All Saints Day celebrates Jesus’ final work on the cross, breaking the curse of sin and death once and for all.  All Hallow’s Eve, by extension, represents Satan’s greatest failure, and we dress up primarily to mock his toothless boasts to the contrary.

Halloween is not a time for Christians to cower in the corner, fearing a so-called “night of evil”; no, Christians should consider Halloween a celebration of life that came from death, with all the trappings symbolic of the transformative power Jesus’ resurrection has on all of His creation.

In short, I embrace Halloween BECAUSE I’m a Christian, and not in spite of being one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gots me some movies to be watching.  Cheers.