dead famous

Gordon Kerr
Oneworld Publications

Death is the great leveller and despite wealth, notoriety, or the best contacts on the planet, even the rich and famous have to meet their maker in the end.  When they do, there’s nearly always a story.  Bursting with conspiracy theories, juicy gossip, and scandals, Dead Famous: The Final Hours Of The Notable And Notorious unearths the tales of sixty extraordinary individuals whose exits rival their lives for sheer drama. From Dylan Thomas and his “eighteen straight whiskies” to Mary Queen of Scots’ blood-red dress and wig, Gordon Kerr provides a delightfully written and unforgettably curious caper through our favourite celebrities’ best last moments.

Nifty little British publication that I ran into during and outing with a friend at the Half Price Books in my area.  Death being one of my interests (naturally), these little tidbits involving several celebrities and notibles was a rather interesting read.  Nothing too profound or shocking; matter of fact, there were times where I was wondering exactly where the editor got the information from.  Regardless, though, recreating the final moments, the death and burial, and some postmortem points of interest makes this one of the better bathroom reading tomes I have come across recently.