Frank Peretti / Ted Dekker
West Bow Press

“Welcome to my house. House rules: 1. God came to my house and I killed him. 2. I will kill anyone who comes to my house as I killed God. 3. Give me one dead body, and I might let rule two slide. Game over at dawn.”

After their car was disabled on an Alabama dirt road, writer Jack and his aspiring country singer wife Stephanie find themselves in a quaint Victorian-style inn with another couple. Only, they soon come to find that the owners don’t take too kindly to strangers. Worse still, they find themselves the unwitting players of a twisted man’s game, a man who isn’t like your regular psychopaths. And the house they’re playing the game in seems to be alive, feeding off of their own dark secrets and bringing to life a terror none of them can even imagine. Dawn is approaching…game over at dawn…

I’m very much familiar with Frank Peretti’s work. After reading this collaboration with Ted Dekker, I find myself wanting to check out the other half that brought us this fine supernatural horror thriller that redefines the concept of haunted house.

House is a fast-paced, and well-written novel that manages to keep you engrossed in the story with its macabre setting, unnerving imagery, enough plot twists to keep you guessing, and a Christian parallel that doesn’t so much preach as it adds to the tension in the story. I’ve always believed that the horror genre is a perfect vehicle for Christians to be involved in, and House is a perfect example of that theory at work. My only complaint is that I read this one too fast. Recommended…