Frank Peretti
West Bow Press

It was supposed to be a getaway from the hustle and bussel of the big city for Reed and his wife Rebecca. But, instead of spending some quality time in the dense woodland area of Idaho with their friends Cap and Sing, this excursion into the outdoors quickly turns into a search and rescue mission when Rebecca is abducted by something large, furry and unknown. Was it the legendary Bigfoot, or is there something a bit more sinister that the local Science University is cooking up? Time is running out…for both Rebecca and anyone getting in the way of the creature…

It was a six year wait between his excellent The Visitation to this offering, but it was well worth it. Since discovering his work back in 1992, I’ve been a ravenous fan of Peretti, mostly his post-Darkness output. He personifies everything I try to strive for with being a Christian author- creative, a flair for storytelling, a very cinematic method of writing, not afraid to push the boundaries to what’s acceptable in Christian fiction, and the most important part, never sacrificing a good story in favor of spoon feeding the reader the obvious method behind his madness.

Like his other books post-Prophet, Monster is firmly set in the real world, with the supernatural elements very subtle. As a matter of fact, it’s almost non-existent, save for a few plot twists that introduce the element of high coincidences. If you know what I’m talking about, that is. No, here we have a thriller set in the dense woods of Idaho, featuring a creature of urban myth. Also, the topic of evolution and scientists playing God is touched on in a very logical and non-sensationalistic way…at least, not in the way most Christian fiction dealing with the topic would handle it. Here, it’s actually quite engaging without being one-sided and off-putting.

Mind you, those hoping to find a cheaply written Christian book with a throwaway plot and the four-points of the Gospel presented at least three times within the story…look elsewhere. Those looking for a page-turning adventure / thriller with a bit of controversy thrown in, check this book out.