house of doorsBrian Lumley

The House of Doors waits, silent, its dozen doors a mystery.  Open one and step through – into terror!  Trapped into the House of Doors, a group of scientists and spies soon determine that the menaces they battle are formed from their own subconscious fears…those terrible horrors which are impossible to control or eradicate.  Hellfire, eternal damnation, death, and worse assail the House’s victims.  One door conceals the way to safety – but all may die before they find it.

When I first came across this book at the Half Price Books in Omaha, I was intrigued by the blurb on the back.  Of course, being a Brian Lumley fan, I was going to get this mass market paperback anyway, as it was one I hadn’t read yet, and wasn’t part of the Necroscope series that blew up here in the States.  Plus, the description sounded downright Lovecraftian, and if there was anything Lumley excelled at, is crafting bloody good yarns involving the strange and mysterious that first emerged from Lovecraft’s deepest and darkest imaginations.

As it turns out, The House Of Doors isn’t so much a horror novel (though it is), as much as it’s a sci-fi novel, a weird tale of suspense and terror from beyond the stars to terrorize the human race!  Okay, okay, that was a bit over the top, but what can I say?  The story contained in The House Of Doors involves a group of hapless individuals trapped inside an alien ship that takes the form of a good-sized castle in the middle of nowhere, only this thing has no discernible doors on the outside.  On the inside, though, it’s waaaaaay bigger, kind of like a TARDIS, really.  And contained on this gigantic inside is a bunch of alien landscapes that hold all sorts of dangers for the human test subjects…mainly for the amusement of the sadistic alien that trapped them inside to begin with.

Overall, I’d say that The House Of Doors was a decent read; not exactly the best thing that Lumley has produced, but definitely getting points for turning out to be not what I was expecting.  Also, this book seemed to take me a bit longer than usual to read, but mostly because I began reading it literally the day I was admitted into the hospital for health concerns, and was distracted a lot.  Otherwise, decent, nothing that set my world on fire, but a nice sci-fi distraction from an otherwise mundane and stressful real world.