Bad_News_ReligionGreg Albrecht
World Publishing

What’s wrong with being religious? Are you a slave to religion? Is Christianity religion? Is grace really all you need? Since the church first began, Christians have had trouble accepting God’s grace. We have substituted holiness, discipleship, order, regulation, and a long list of things to avoid in place of God’s free gift. The result is a “Bad News Religion” that drains the joy and the life out of believers.

We’ve all seen them before. Perhaps we’ve been caught up in it. Those books, websites and programs that encourages holiness in the sight of GOD, with only the phrase “Stop Sinning!” as the only suggestion to achieve that goal.

For those of you who hold on to that philosophy to obtain GOD’s favor, good luck with that.

In Bad News Religion, Plain Truth Ministries executive director Greg Albrecht explores the concept of Grace vs. Religion, a concept that should be glaringly obvious to those of us who have put our lives in the hands of Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, with our zeal to “live for Him”, it’s far too easy to slip back into a harrowing system of “do’s” and “don’ts” in a false sense that somehow, doing these would gain more favor from GOD. Here, Albrecht puts this all on the examination table, using simple but profound stories and examples both personal and Biblical to make the reader realize the freedom of Grace as understood in the Gospels.

I bought this book, thinking it was yet another one of those dime-a-dozen pep-talk-for-your-faith types that I’ve read in the past (there were many), and finished it actually gleaning a bit more insight on the concept of Saved By Grace. Mind you, the phrase “Bad News Religion” was used a bit much (like, every other page it seemed), which got a bit annoying, but otherwise, this book I would recommend to those desiring a brush-up on the true meaning of being a born-again child in Christ Jesus.