evidence of a hauntingMidnight Releasing

Three investigations conducted by the Supernatural Phenomena Research Society are document, beginning with the exorcism of a young girl in Louisiana, then on to an American Indian Poltergeist in Oklahoma, then finally a particularly difficult case in Dallas, Texas.  Something haunts the tunnels deep below the Trinity River Community College, something evil.  As they probe deeper below, it becomes apparent that they’ve invaded the realm of the son of Satan, and they may not all escape.

“Oh, hey look!  A low-budget movie that’s aping one of those Ghost Hunters type paranormal television shows!  There’s NO WAY this is gonna suck!”

My exact words upon coming across Evidence Of A Haunting on that nifty 20 Horror Movie pack I’ve been working through.  And while I’m no stranger to the type, it does tend to get old, especially when we’re talking the mocumentary style.  All could do is hit “play” and hope for the best.

And just as I suspected, the “best” wasn’t in the cards here.  In Evidence Of A Haunting, we follow around a bunch of character clichés who cannot act their way out of a plastic bag.  Most of the time I swear they’re just reading their lines directly from the laptops they always have conveniently plopped open in front of them.  Not really “acting”, more like reciting lines and reacting to directional cues like a bunch of High School play hacks. When the best acting comes from the kid playing the possessed girl at the beginning, gleefully screaming profanities that would have made a Merchant Marine blush, that I believe says something.

Evidence Of A Haunting, despite having a decent enough concept for a low-budget mocumentary, didn’t have the resources to make any of it work.  By the time I got to the rather convoluted ending, I just didn’t care enough to make sense of any of it.  I was more than happy when the ending credits began to roll, thinking I could have just rewatched the “Ghostfacers” episode of Supernatural.  It would have been shorter and far more entertaining than this overwrought waste of time and brain cells.  Pass.