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“I cannot believe I’m wanting to get a cop’s attention!”

Some grind house aficionados become the unwitting stars of an old slasher flick when the film’s crazed killer leaps off the screen to hunt them down, drag them back into the movie and kill them.

Midnight Movie is one of those direct-to-video slasher movies that I dawdled a bit with getting around to watching.  As much as I enjoy a good slasher flick, I have to be in the right mood to watch one.  And there was a stretch where I wasn’t exactly in that mood.  So, Midnight Movie languished in my “movies to get around to seeing” list for a bit.  Since I’m reviewing it now, obviously it means I finally got around to seeing this.  Simple deduction, yes.  And now that I have seen this, I wonder why I waited so long to do so.,

Well, okay, there’s not much speculation as to the “why”, really.  The premise itself wasn’t as tantalizing – masked psychopath kills and terrorizes the theater attendees watching an old horror movie.  At least, that’s what I gleaned from the DVD blurb.  Standard slasher premise, different setting.  Cut-and-paste.  Well, fortunately there is a twist to this standard dish.  A bizarre supernatural twist that defies all explanation and logic, and tweaks the rules a bit, making Midnight Movie a surprisingly fun ride.

For a first time outing, director Jack Messitt has made a rather good impression with Midnight Movie.  The story concept was innovative, the characters were a bit more fleshed out than your standard slasher movie fodder, the acting was rather good, and the effects themselves were very cool.  The killer’s mask is one of the best designs I’ve seen recently.  Also, there’s an angle here that doesn’t even attempt to explain how and why everything is happening the way it is, and that’s just bloody fine by me really.  The way it started, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly expecting a good outcome for my watching experience, but by the time the credits rolled I was grinning and nodding my head in utter satisfaction.  Check out Midnight Movie sometime, turn off the lights and get ready for a bit of old-fashioned slasher horror fun.