shackledMidnight Releasing

Sometimes The Past Is Best Left Alone

A botched break-in on the night of murder victim Brian McDonald’s funeral prompts his sister Sarah to start investigating the events surrounding her brother’s last few weeks alive. Soon, rumours begin to arise of Brian’s associations with drug dealing and dodgy characters, but at the same time Sarah begins having prophetic nightmares of the two of them at a mansion, where they are being haunted by strange masked figures. With the help of childhood friend Michael and clues from her late brother’s journal, Sarah begins looking for the mysterious people Brian was dealing with. The search leads them down the dark trail of why she and Brian were fostered, who their real mother is and how the mysterious mansion ties into her brother’s death. Complicating matters are the mysterious people themselves, who will stop at nothing to prevent Sarah getting to the mansion from her nightmares and finding the truth…

It’s been a while since I’ve sat through something that is so slow, tedious and dull that it makes the 82 minute run time seem like three hours.  But, thanks to the 2010 Irish thriller (?) Shackled, I have once again experienced that sensation.  Forgot how that felt, actually.

Usually I can get something positive and enjoyable out of even the most low of low-budget flicks.  Here, everything is so void of a personality, I found it rather hard to pay attention without wanting to break out the Solitaire game on my computer.  And it’s not just that the pacing was slow, the characters were just dull, the acting was flat, and the story itself was rather hard to follow.  I mean, look at the description up there.  I read that, and wonder if whoever wrote that watched the same movie I did.  All I got out of it was a bunch of running around, stock incidental music and probably the worst flashback scene to the 1960s I’ve ever seen in my life.  The low production and dodgy sound qualities are almost a secondary thing, here.  Really, if Shackled hadn’t been included on this 20 Movie Pack that I’m working through, I wouldn’t have even given it a second glance.  And then I would have been happy.  Yeergggh, my life has been wasted.  Pass.