turkey carcassWell, another Thanksgiving has been here and gone.  Like the previous years, this year – as God-fearing white Americans – we once again upheld our annual tradition of giving out small pox blankets to the local Native Americans and kicking them out of their houses, claiming our right to do so, followed up with some puppy-kicking to work off all of that food we choked down in front of all the starving homeless.  ‘Merica.

I kid, I kid.  Though, it just doesn’t seem like a true Holiday experience without someone posting a guilt trip-ridden rant against Thanksgiving upon Facebook (my social media of choice at the moment).  In all caps, usually.

Here we are, fully ensconced within this year’s Holiday Cluster Bomb (the last word there usually consists of another four-letter word, but in the interest of keeping things civil, I choose to refrain from using it…though, at times it would be the perfect label, to be sure): The opening ceremony of Halloween a fading memory, Thanksgiving out of the way, and the so-called Black Friday having just slipped into Buyer’s Remorse Saturday (TM), the big one of the Holiday Tripod will soon be upon us- Christmas.  Between then and now, we can all look forward to retail headaches, stress-enducing family gatherings, and gallons upon gallons of Holiday Cheer being force-fed to all of our senses.  Decorations, television specials, and Christmas music everywhere you turn.  Bell ringers keeping an upbeat demeanor as they shiver in the cold amidst be-haggard  shoppers.  The delicate sound of children screaming in the toy aisle.

If it sounds like I’m a bitter, jaded curmudgeon about the Holiday season, well…I’m not, really.  Truth is, amidst all of the hoopla that will stretch until New Years Day (and a bit beyond, depending on the level of hangover some will experience), I can step back and observe things in a fairly detached manner, and have a sense of humor about all of this.  With a twinkle in my eye and a smirk on my lips, my going through this Holiday season will be the same as how I get through any day of the year.  Though, admittedly, things are a bit different now than they have been in years previous.  And that’s a good thing, really.

Cryptic enough for you?  Well, this is what happens when I freestyle a blog post like this, without any kind of structure whipped up before hand.  No point, just pure unadulterated brain droppings at this late/early hour here in Eastern Nebraska.  ‘Tis how I roll at times, yea verily.  Cheers.