ThreeTed Dekker
West Bow Press

Unassuming seminary student Kevin Parson is not the kind of person you’d expect to be targeted by a mysterious psychopath. That all changed the day that he received a call on his cell phone informing him of the bomb that was going to blow him and his car to Kingdom Come unless he confesses his sin to the press within three minutes. From there, it’s a tense cat-and-mouse game, as this man who calls himself Slater claims to have ties to Kevin’s past, and promises to do more harm as his sick and twisted game goes on…

You know, it’s really good to have perhaps finally found a Christian author who not only doesn’t dumb things down for the readers and insult our collective intelligence like a lot of so-called Christian fiction does, but also doesn’t hold back with the Koontz-level thrills and twists that keeps me wanting to not put down the book for anything…including sleep. Seriously, this book almost made me late for work one day. Very well-written, very well-paced, and the twist itself won’t be that easy to figure out…highly recommended.