dark, the (1993)Norstar Releasing

“Gotta love the smell of death in the morning.”

Something is alive beneath the surface of the graveyard.  Something with the power to destroy and the power to heal.  One man, a cop, is determined to kill this mysterious creature.  Another, a scientist, is determined to capture and save this miraculous being.  Stalking the creature in its subterranean habitat, neither man is aware of the battle they are about to start. A battle for science, survival and revenge.

Obscure little Canadian creature feature that boasts a very early performance of one Neve Campbell as one of the officers.  I could stop there, but…naaaaaah.

Early 1990s horror movies I find a special kind of amusing.  They tend to try and be all serious, but can’t really shake off the 1980s cheese that the decade was trying to play down.  And with the peak of home video rental shops and direct-to-video just beginning to gain a foothold, we got a lot of obscure titles, like this one.

The Dark is your usual Giant Mutant Rat-like Thing movie, with said creature terrorizing a graveyard while being pursued by two people with differing reasons as to why they’re trying to find the thing.  Throw in a couple of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-like gravedigger characters, and then Neve Campbell as the local cop checking out the wackiness, and you’ve got a pretty decent and mildly amusing modern Giant Creature movie on your hands.  Most of the amusement is from the unintentionally silly ultra-serious from the lead character Gary “Hunter” Henderson, played by one Stephen McHattie, who seems to be a poor-man’s Lance Henriksen, if you can wrap your mind around that.  Contrast him with the late Brion James, a character actor who plays the cop obsessed with killing this creature pretty over-the-top, you can’t help but love him.  Or something like that.

Overall, The Dark is a pretty decent way to waste 88 minutes.  It’s your standard low-budget horror flick from the earlier part of the decade associated with a lot of bad horror flicks, but it’s watchable nonetheless.  I’m thinking The Dark would make for one part of a great double feature along with Carnosaur, or something like that.