Bantam Press

No one could have imagined Odd Thomas ever leaving the perfect quirky comfort of Pico Mundo, least of all Odd himself. The little desert town that nurtured Odd all his life is the locus of everything he holds dear—his loyal friends, his ghostly confidants, and the place where he loved and lost his soul mate, the irreplaceable Stormy Llewellyn. Yet leave it he has, to embrace the solitude and peace of an isolated monastery high in the western mountains as he tries to find a way to live fully again. But Odd has a knack for finding himself in the path of trouble no matter where he goes—even among the eccentric monks in their sanctuary and with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll at his side. For a killer is stalking the ancient holy halls, and Odd is about to encounter an enemy who eclipses any he has yet encountered….

The third in what I can safely now call the series based on Koontz’s surprise breakout character Odd Thomas retains much of what made the first book so fascinating for me- a balanced mix of supernatural suspense viewed through a filter of lighthearted and sarcastic wit. This is, I believe, what Forever Odd was missing, as that one was a bit more morose in tone (although it did have its moments).

What makes this book work is Odd’s little offbeat yet apt observations of life, the universe, and everything. Throw in his interaction with the equally odd monks and nuns that reside in the Abby, the return of the Bodachs (supernatural shadow creatures that show up right before something catastrophic happens), some new nasties that posed an even bigger threat to Odd than in the previous books, and some heady discussions on quantum physics and the thought process of God, and you’ve got perhaps the best Odd Thomas novel since the first one. And yes, the ending once again leaves things wide open for another installment. I say keep ’em coming…