West Bow Press

Thomas Hunter is a man who’s trying to make amends for his past. One night, while walking home from his job in Denver, his past catches up to him, and when he’s knocked unconscience by a bullet grazing his head, he wakes up in an alternate world where concepts of good and evil are physically tangible, and humans live in peace and harmony untouched by evil and in constant communion with a deity named Elyon. When Thomas falls asleep in this world, he wakes up again in the “real” world of Denver, and vice-versa. In the “real” world, a madman is getting ready to unleash a deadly virus that will potentially wipe out billions of the world’s inhabitants. In the alternate reality, the evil contained in the Black Forest is planning to invade the Colored Forest and destroy Elyon and his people forever. And Thomas Hunter is caught in the middle in both worlds…

This first part of a trilogy set in two alternate worlds takes the concept of Biblical parallel fantasy fiction and gives it a couple of good twists. I would describe this overall series as Tom Clancy and Robert Jordan teaming up to re-imagine The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, and then submitting the finished product to a Christian editor to make it suitable for proper CCM consumption. While it’s not preachy and doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence like most Christian fiction out in the market, the parallel is still thinly veiled and obvious to most readers. That’s just a minor issue, really. The story is riveting, very cinematic in the writing and pacing, and very well written. Readers in both the Christian and mainstream markets will get a good mystery thriller intertwined with a Twilight Zone-esque fantasy tale that ties the two together nicely. Recommended.