West Bow Press

Picking up from the events from Black, the inhabitants of the fallen Colored Forest have been scattered into the desert wilderness. Those who still follow Elyon have found refuge in the Seven Forests and must bathe daily in the lakes to keep a skin disease at bay. Those who have rejected Elyon dwell in the desert, the ravages of the leprous skin disease inflicting both their bodies and minds. Thomas Hunter leads the Forest Dweller army against the desert Horde to keep them from invading and conquering the Forests. In the “real” world, the deadly virus has been unleashed on the world, and Thomas is helping the world’s scientists scramble to find a cure. In the alternate world, a traitor from the Forest is about to hand them over to the Horde under the guise of peace. Time is running out for both worlds, and Thomas might not survive either one.

Part two of the trilogy continues, with not much difference in style, other than the parallel involving an obvious reference to the Gospels, rather than the fall from paradise the first one involved. Still a very riveting read…