INSOMNIAStephen King
Viking Press

Since getting back to reading Stephen King’s books after a ten year hiatus — no big reason for initially stopping, I just seemed to loose interest after Gerald’s Game in 1992 — I’ve seemed to have rekindled why I enjoy his work; namely, King is a fantastic story teller. Opening one of his books is like sitting down at the fireplace, ready for Grandpa to spin one of his imaginative yarns.

Insomnia — the tale of retired widower Ralph Roberts who starts to see beyond the veil of reality after suffering from chronic lack of sleep — while not the best he’s written, also isn’t the worst either. It is a hefty tome — I got a used hardcover copy from a used bookstore that had at least six copies for sale — which, admittedly, made me think I would in fact need a bout of insomnia to get through it. I’m sure I’m not the first to make that joke. Maybe one of the few who didn’t use it as snarky as other critics, but since I’m not technically a “critic” per se, there’s no need to be snarky. Anyhoo…

Overall, I found Insomnia to be a fairly engaging tale, a thriller with a strong supernatural underpinnings and more than just a casual tie-in to the bigger Dark Tower saga that, more and more, seems to saturate much of Mr. King’s tales. There are points where things seem to slow down a bit much, but overall Insomnia does keep you engaged for the entire outing. It’s good for curling up in your reading chair, glass of whatever you like to drink on the end table, and getting lost in the tale. Yeah, I just wrote that.