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Merry Christmas. Well, day after Christmas. Which would make it Boxing Day, I would guess. Only I’m not British, or dwell in any of the U.K. Based countries, so Boxing Day wouldn’t apply to me. I choose to observe other, more meaningful arbitrary and pointless holidays. Like Weasel Stomping Day.

Huh, what’s that? Well, if Weasel Stomping Day isn’t real, then how come Weird Al made a song about it? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

All things considered, this year was a rather pleasant Christmas, the first celebrated with Kim. The first of many, I would hope and pray. Never assume, never take for granted this love that has been entrusted to me. Anyway…

Christmas Eve, after being let off of work early, was spent first watching the new Hobbit movie: The Desolation of Smaug at a nearby cinema that not only has a $5 Tuesdays special, but also seems to be giving free 44oz popcorn buckets until the end of February. Good movie, found it more entertaining over the first movie. The dragon stole the show, for certain.

After the movie, we headed straight to the 7:30pm Christmas Eve service at Christ Lutheran. The 6pm service was packed out; the 7:30pm service not so much. Much hymn singing, then brief readings from both the Bible, along with readings from a poem by Longfellow, and bis of a Christmas story by Agatha Christie and a clip from the movie The Nativity. Very ambient, very good service. I went straight home after we arrived back at Kim’s apartment; Kim skipped the 10pm candlelight service in favor of much needed rest.

Christmas Day: I made the trek into Lincoln a bit earlier than usual, mainly to give myself some buffer time to find a gas station on the way to gas up the Zombie Mobile and then a spot of that wonderful breakfast that only a truck stop gas station can provide. The kind that remains in your colon for an extended period, no matter how much water and roughage you consume to flush the system. T’was the only place open on Christmas Day at that early an hour to provide an on-the-road breakfast.

I arrived at Kim’s apartment, with the stocking gifts in tow, and after a bit of morning greetings, we headed out to the 9:30am Christmas Morning service. The first ten minutes of which was spent singing the first stanza or so of a bunch of Christmas hymns suggested by the congregation. I called the last one, a hymn Kim indicated she wanted to sing. I wonder if this was a test to see if I would step up and do the suggesting. I wonder if I’m just reading too much into nothing. Regardless, the sermon was quite interesting, interspersed with more classic hymn singing, and the communion. Must say, as an aside, that I cannot wait until I get the official “adult confirmation” so I can finally stop pretending to know what I’m doing up there in front of everybody.

We then went home – yes, I am well aware that her apartment won’t technically be my home until after the wedding, never mind the details – exchanged Christmas gifts (many very good ones; I am extremely blessed even if I never received any, though), then feasted on turkey legs and mashed potatoes. Afterwards, we settled in and watched two Harry Potter movies: The Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hollows pt 1, pausing a few times to fix snacks and drinks and use the facilities as needed, make dinner (grilled cheese sammiches tomato soup, which didn’t seem to mix well on top of the two cups of coffee I had in the course of the afternoon), and take calls from family members bearing Christmas wishes and greetings. I finally left for home at 9pm, arriving home a bit past 10, and managed to call my own father and step mother to wish them a very brief Merry Christmas before going to bed myself.

A very good Christmas, I would say. The only drawback being my brain kept thinking today was Monday.