ADMONISH - Insnarjd
Momentum Scandinavia

Admonish is a black metal band that hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 1994, so far they have only two releases to date, both of them EPs (though, as of this writing, they’re slowly working on a full-length release).

Having a limited release of only 850 copies, Insnarjd is a five-song collection of atmospheric black metal on three cuts, with two songs (“A Glimpse” and “Legacy”) being more acoustic guitar interludes and postludes, respectively. The music of the cuts “Tower Of Strength”, “Istid” and “Journey Into Afterlife” is brutal, dark and heavy, with black metal shrieks and death growls. The guitar work is very good, with the rhythms primitive and heavy. At times, a bit of keyboards and an angelic female voice adds to the atmosphere nicely. Lyrically, there’s only two songs that are sung in English (“Tower Of Strength” and “Journey Into Afterlife”), which speak of Jesus Christ as our only refuge and strength in our times of darkness and despair.

Nice little black metal snack, here. Fans of Crimson Moonlight, Vaakevandring, and Antestor should look into this one…