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“You may be a superhero, buddy, but you’re not invincible.”

Believing their home is haunted, a suburban schoolteacher and his wife uproot their family and move to a new place hoping to leave the evil spirits behind — only to discover that the house wasn’t haunted…but their eldest son is.

I do have to give director James Wan credit.  He has been behind some of my favorite horror movies of the past decade or so.  Loved the original Saw, got royally creeped out by Dead Silence. Still haven’t seen Death Sentence yet, but I’m planning on rectifying that soon.

Heh…”rectifying”…but anyway…

With Insidious, Wan directs once again, taking a horror trope and giving it a mostly creative spin.  Here we have the story of a family who buy an old house, discover some haunting-style weirdness going on after their oldest son falls into a coma…and so they decide to leave.  See, you never see that happening in movies where the house is haunted.  The family normally tries to tough it out, for some odd reason.  Not here.  Weird stuff starts happening, and they decide to slap it into “B” for “Boogie” and split.  Only to discover that it’s their son that’s actually haunted, because his soul has slipped into the neatherworld of astral projection, a talent he apparently picked up from his father, who now has to bring back his own long-dormant talent for traversing the great beyond to save his son and bring him back before something takes up residence inside of him permanently.

Yeah, it’s kind of a different take on the whole glut of “haunting” style movies I’ve seen this last decade.  There are some genuinely downright creepy moments going on in this movie, utilizing the effects and the stylized tension to a good effect.  Usually, things start loosing cohesion in the last reel, but for the most part things remained decent, even when things changed from “Haunted Child” to “Down The Rabbit Hole”.  Nice effects, pretty well done, though the main baddie spirit was a bit chuckle-worthy with his look.  The only real problem I have with Insidious overall was the ending.  Saw that one coming.  Matter of fact, I started muttering, “No, don’t you dare…AH, you went there.  Lame sauce.”  But otherwise, Insidious was a really good watch, a rare horror movie that wasn’t a waste of the rental fees.  Recommended watching.