's Day FlowersSo, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This shall be my first one since grade school where I’m not referring to it as “Singles Awareness Day”; indeed, I shall be observing it, not as a jaded single bachelor, but as a jaded soon-to-be married man. Meaning, I have someone to let out my up-to-now dormant cheesy romantic side come out and play with.

Mind you, I am a bit rusty. And by that, I mean I’ve never really had much of a chance in my past few relationships I’ve had to ever really do anything akin to lighting some candles, throwing on some Barry White, putting on a tux and grasping a rose in my teeth, hoping I don’t get any thorns cutting into my gums as I do so. I was thinking I should keep it low-key, maybe make her a nice dinner, some piano concerto music playing in the background for ambiance, and then a movie. Spend some time together with my beloved, and all that. Tomorrow should be interesting.

So, then, all of you readers of this bliggity-blog of mine: what Valentine’s Day memories (good or bad) would you like to share with your Uncle NecRo? Let’s reminisce, shall we?