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“Your flesh is killing your spirit.”

While cheating on his wife with a hooker, a sleazy LAPD detective opens up the dreaded puzzle box, which sends him into his own personal hell consisting of gruesome murders, frightening monsters and agonizing memories of his countless misdeeds.

Here it is.  The fifth Hellraiser movie in the franchise, the first one to be released directly to video, and the last one I have to watch and review.  For now, that is; you know there’s going to be another sequel, and when that thing does come around…yeah, I’ll be watching it.  For now, though, it’s been a long weird road to getting them all watched and under my ever-shrinking belt.

Let me make this as clear as possible: I went into watching Hellraiser: Inferno, like I do most movies like this, with little to no expectations whatsoever.  None, almost.  I was expecting pain, and not the kind used in this franchise, with the chains and hooks and Pinhead waxing eloquently about suffering and pleasure and whatnot.  I was actually cringing while my finger hovered over the “play” button.

And in the end, Hellraiser: Inferno was a lot more watchable than I was expecting.  It takes a bit of a different route than the others, as Inferno is more of a crime noir mystery by way of psychological terror.  Pinhead is in this for maybe a small handful of minutes, which makes me wonder if the script to this was something completely different before becoming a Hellraiser movie.  Speculation on my part, there.  Regardless, though, I sat through a pretty decent, slow-burning story about a dirty cop slowly going insane while trying to solve a pretty gruesome case.  The visuals were good, and mostly practical I might add.  No, Inferno didn’t seem to fit well within the confines of the Hellraiser world; but taken as a movie in and of itself, Hellraiser: Inferno was a decent watch.  Worth at least one shot, methinks.