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“A king has his reign, and then dies.  It’s inevitable.”

Prometheus was probably the second most anticipated movie of the year, behind the massive juggernaut that was The Avengers. And if you’re in disagreement, it was by a very narrow margin. When only counting sci-fi movies, Prometheus was definitely the hotly anticipated movie of the year, if not the decade.

Not only did Prometheus herald the return of Sir Ridley Scott to the sci-fi genre since the 1982 classic Blade Runner, but also a kind-of-sort-of return to the franchise he kick-started with 1979’s genre-defining Alien.

I say “kind-of-sort-of” because, as should be well known to us genre geeks by now, Prometheus isn’t a direct prequel to Alien, but is set in the same universe. I’ll get to that in a bit. I do, however, want to point out that, had the studio not decided to instead go with the double-kick in the collective junk that were the two Alien Vs. Predator movies, there probably wouldn’t have been such a long wait for this to be made. We’ll never know, though, will we?

Anyway, Prometheus. I’m going to attempt to not spoil this sucker, as if you haven’t watched this by now you really need to experience this first hand: In the not-too-distant distant future, a couple of archaeologists discover a really old cave painting that matches several other finds from several unconnected cultures over the centuries, and interpret these as a reason to go into space. The science vessel Prometheus, funded by the CEO of the Weyland Corporation arrive at the distant moon LV-223 a few years later, with a crew of 17, including the two archaeologists, an android named David, and Charlize Theron. They find a bunch of alien-made structures that they theorize would have been made by the alien culture that, by their postulations, may have had a hand in the creation of life on Earth. They investigate these structures, more questions than answers are raised, the phrase “Don’t touch that!” goes unheeded a bunch of times, and…well, I can’t say too much more beyond the tried and true cliché WACKINESS ENSUES.

Listen (or read, in this case), I understand how divided the fan base was after this was released. Personally, I lean heavily towards the Really Liked It crowd. Prometheus is a great speculative sci-fi movie that captured the grand awe-inspiring scope as it did also with the atmospherics it needed. I think the negativity stems a lot from the lack of answers raised in Alien, or not even having the classic Alien in there to begin with. Remember as previously mentioned, it was officially stated that it wasn’t a direct prequel to Alien. That said, I do admit that there were plenty of questions that keep swimming around in my head, many of which due to perhaps some 600-pound-gorilla-like plot holes either perceived or blatant. And no, I’m not going to mention them. Go watch the movie to see what I’m talking about.

Overall, Prometheus was a really good and well-made sci-fi epic that was much needed. The effects were astounding, the story and actors kept me in the entire time, there were only a small handful of times where the pacing slowed down, and darn it if I didn’t enjoy the characters. Mostly the background supporting characters. In the end, after the credits rolled, Prometheus still has me thinking about the story and pondering its many questions raised a good week after I’ve seen it. Love it or hate it, that’s a mark of a well-made piece of sci-fi goodness. Recommended.