Blood In The Gears
Solid State Records

The Showdown’s fourth full-length release takes the freaking heavy METAL of the previous Backbreaker album and continues pummeling everything that gets in their way with a heavy, brutal, melodic and slightly Southern-fried style that, I think keeps ’em sounding unique in an American metal scene that’s mostly stale and tired.

Blood In The Gears showcases a band that seems comfortable in its skin, taking the best parts of METAL and hard rock, combines them and throws the switch, performing some kind of musical alchemy that ends up grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you across the asphalt for a few miles on their bike.

Seriously, since acquiring this album, every time I pop it in, I find it hard to take it out of the player for a few days. Great chugga-chugga riffs, hooks you snag a Great White with, gut-churning rhythms and tight drum beats that can go from restrained to handling insane blastbeats with the best of ’em. Then there’s the vocals – going from angry shout to growls to melodic hard rock singing that results in some great shout-along moments. And before you start thinking I’m gushing about some crappy mallcore band by the description, let me take the time to assure you – Blood In The Gears is Heavy Freakin’ METAL, jacked up on Super Soldier Serum. And possibly collard greens, I don’t know. The Showdown continue to impress me. Acquire Blood In The Gears post-haste.