storm trooper bunny with death star egg…well, here it is.  Easter Sunday.  They seem to be coming in a much quicker rate than I remember as a kid.  It was one of the Big Three, along with Halloween and Christmas, as far as the Holidays That Feature Lots Of Candy And Gifts go.  As I recall, as a child I always viewed Easter as maybe Christmas’ slightly younger sister (if you could assign holidays a gender and all); there was the gift-giving, the eating with family, the Mysterious Entity that no one really saw but left stuff for you, and of course the obligatory Morning Church Service.  Only, unlike the older brother Christmas, Easter was during a normally mild spring, with the grass just budding and the birds chirping, and the colors a happy pastel to reflect this new season of life just emerging after the harsh, cold winter that Christmas dwells in.

Of course, as a child, I never really got that deep into that; I was much more interested at what kind of sugar-infused goodness dwelled in my basket Easter morning.  And how much of that stuff I could cram into myself before getting dressed and heading out to church.

Ah, memories.  Now, as a much older man, Easter – like Christmas – has become more of a holiday to contemplate and reflect about Jesus’ purpose for coming here, becoming one with His creation, to walk with us and experience life as we do, and then offer Himself up as the perfect atoning sacrifice to blot out all of our sins and make us righteous before GOD, restoring our relationship with Him.  He is risen, indeed.  And also, I try to watch as much Star Trek as I possibly can.  It has nothing to do with Easter, really; I’m a geek.  That is all.

Anyway, as I finish up this special little morning brain dropping, one of my special ramblings, I wish you all a Happy Easter.  Even if you don’t observe the proper Christian holiday, or even the commercialized secular counterpart.  In which case…enjoy your Sunday.  Cheers.