These were taken back in March 2010. I was named my oldest nephew Christopher’s Godfather, so I had to wear a tie:

[click on the pic for a bigger look]
Christopher's Baptism1
…it was my first involvement in a Lutheran baptism; two minutes in and already I lost my place…
Christopher's Baptism2
…let’s see, no smoke, head-spinning or pea soup. So far, so good…
Christopher's Baptism3
…I know it’s a symbolic representation of rebirth, but seriously? Giving the kid an open flame?
Christopher's Baptism4
…Christopher, freshly Lutheranized , with is Godmother and Godfather on both sides, making sure he doesn’t bolt off to an ELCA church…little Missouri Synod joke, there…very little…
Christopher's Baptism5
…Christopher with Grandma and Grandpa Krohn…
Christopher's Baptism6
…”Grandpa Case to the left of me, Grandma and Grandpa Rinas to the right…here I am stuck in the middle with yooooooooou…” – Christopher
Christopher's Baptism7
…from the left: Me (don’t ask), Terry (Chad’s cousin and fellow geek), Christopher, his aunt Krisann (Chad’s sister), his uncle Scott, and his cousin Gracen, whose shirt was obviously inspired by Skittles…mmmm, Skittles…
Christopher's Baptism8