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Religious wackos are a staple in many a fine horror movie. Problem is (for me, anyway), most of ’em are portrayed as Christian, or at the very least a weird offshoot therein. Not that I’m trying to get whiny about it, I’m just pointing out the cliché’ here. Because Believers is about religious wackos that are scientists. How’s that for something different?

Yes, in a nice refreshing twist on the religious cult horror convention, here a couple of emergency rescue paramedics answer a distress call, only to run afoul of a doomsday cult of scientists who are very certain that a mathematical alga rhythm is a warning of the beginning of the end of everyone on earth, and the only way to escape the destruction of mankind is to…kill themselves. So their spirits can (scientifically) ascend to a higher plane of existence. Scientifically speaking. Yeah. Anyhoo, what follows is a fairly standard yet effective dark psychological thriller that maintains the disturbing fun without ever resorting to pointless torture porn. Acting is generally on the strong side, though the head paramedic character is a bit on the over-macho side. The production seems a bit on the cheap side, but that’s mainly due to the lack of fundage and resources the director Dan Myrick (the co-creator of The Blair Witch Project) was given, which is odd, considering he was part of one of the highest-grossing indie movies of all time. But, minor quibble there.

Bottom line: Believers is a nice twist on a rarely tread horror territory. Very much worth at least a rental…