boogeymanGhost House Pictures

“For fifteen years, everybody told me I was making it up. Everyone said it was just a story. There’s no such thing as the Boogeyman. But I was right.”

After his father disappeared when he was a child, Tim Jensen has had an aversion to closets. Now, 15 years later, his mother has died, and he’s returned to his childhood home to gather some of her things before his uncle fixes up and sells the place. Unfortunately, the moment he arrives, the weird things involving closets begins again, and people close to him are starting to disappear. Is this all going on in his head? Or is there really a Boogyman that lives in closets? And what’s up with that creepy girl that’s hanging around?

Many critics and horror fans didn’t like this when it came out. I disagree, to a certain point. I found Boogyman very stylish, very creepy, and very well-executed. Until the end, when the CGI Boogyman made its appearance, and all sense of horrific wonder was thrown out the window. Why do filmmakers feel the need to go that route? I caught the now requisite Alternate Ending on the not-so-Special Edition DVD, and if they went with that style for the Boogyman (more of a shadow creature), it would have worked much, much better. Either way, Boogyman was a great movie with a less-than-great ending. Good for a rental, but I’m glad I didn’t pay the $8 to see this in the theater…