big honkin' spiderInside my bedroom chamber.  A small room, dark muted color tones.  The very definition of an industrial fever nightmare.  Madness to normal folk, but comfortable and inviting to me.

I am laying prone on my bed.  The Lady of my literal Dreams come over and lays down with me.  Both on our sides, fully dressed and spoon cuddling, my arm around her.  Holding her close as she snuggles and conforms to my shape, her hand closed over mine.  I gaze at her forever, kiss her cheek softly, then bury my face in her hair, not really drifting off to sleep; rather, enjoying the intoxicating sensation of just being close to her.

She sits up on the bed. I prop myself up on one elbow as she does this.  She reaches for the nearby ancient lamp, and as she pulls the string to summon the incandescence to awaken, that’s when the spiders descend upon us.

A few small ones, descending from the ceiling.  At first, scuttling over us.  We swat and brush them away, visibly shaken.  More are descending, small and also bigger ones.  I grab a can of bug spray, intention battling the horde.  I spray and kill, watching them fall from their webs.  Soon the floor and the bed are filled with the bodies of the spiders, twitching their last as the poison nullifies the nervous systems.

Still they come, an endless wave of eight-legged nightmares, descending from the ceiling, and now from crevices and cracks in the wall.  I turn and notice to my shock and terror, she has succumbed; she lays on the bed now, several of the spiders covering her in the thin white translucent funeral shroud they spin.  I glimpse her vacant eyes looking at me, pleading, a single tear frozen. Then it’s gone, covered by the webs.

I turn from my devastating loss, and discover the largest spiders – two of them, both about the size of a medium-sized dog – advancing slowly towards me, their eyes gleaming in the dim light of the lamp.

I lower the can and drop it, resolved to my fate. The bites hurt at first, small stings, but before long the warm blanket of paralysis engulf me…