“Death by teacup. Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Necromongers are coming! (Necromongers! Necromongers!) At-hem. Five years after escaping from the nocturnal monster-infested planet in Pitch Black, wanted criminal and all around Neitchziean wet-dream Riddick runs afoul of the Necromongers, a near-dead and warlike race of intergalactic religious zealots bent on converting the entire universe, armed with more than just Chick tracts. After narrowly escaping their dark clutches on both New Mecca and the prison planet Crematoria, Riddick’s taking the fight directly to them, on their home turf. Let’s see…an entire race of war-mongering undead soldiers against one guy…doesn’t look too good for the Necromongers…

I’m sure they weren’t expecting it at the time, but Pitch Black pretty much launched an unexpected antihero and franchise with the oily countenance that is Vin Diesel. While the CGI was a bit heavy for my taste (although there were some cool ways it was employed on the Necromongers, specifically with their ghostly visages), there was a lot of enjoyable eye candy for those in need of a heavy sci-fi action fix. More or less, I’d say that Chronicles Of Riddick is like a much darker Dune with an ending that isn’t conventional whatsoever. If there’s going to be sequels (and two more were being planned), I’d like to see how it plays out. Yeah, it’s got my attention…