Bunker, TheMillennium Pictures

“Deserted or dead, either way, we can forget them.”

During WWII, German soldiers are holed up in a fortified bunker that’s rumored to be haunted. While staving off the Allies attacks, each one of the Krauts start going insane…or are the underground tunnels actually haunted?

I must say, this little gem of a find (in Blockbuster, of all places) was a nice flawed psychological mind trip. The whole movie is driven by a strong atmosphere and the excellent performance the actors gave to the characters…you get a little more depth to the Nazi soldiers than just cheep 2-dimensional cut-outs. You get a sense of foreboding, madness, and gradual insanity, and you’re left thinking “was it insanity, or was the place actually haunted?”

Unfortunately, the film’s strongest point is also it’s weakest. The ghosts, or hallucinations or whatever, weren’t utilized to full effect. Also, it took a while before I realized that these were Nazi soldiers. The reason for that was because all the actors had British accents. Not a German accent to be had, which kind of killed a bit of my suspension of disbelief. But, with the strong character studies and heavy atmosphere this sucker gave off, it’s a forgivable offense. Not a bad rental for those seeking something with a bit more depth to the darkness…