dracula 2 ascensionBuena Vista

“Who am I? Gilles de Rais, Vlad Tepes, El Hazarid… Dagobert, Proximus, Uther, Caligula… ah, Iscariot… and so many more I’ve long forgotten.”

Taking off from the fiery finale of Dracula 2000, the charred remains of the Prince Of Darkness is dropped in the hands of a group of medical students. They find out they have a vampire on their hands, and steal the body to a remote location to study the undead corpse. After reviving the Count (why do they always revive the guy? People never learn…), they tie up the still-weak vampire, and attempt to study further while the Count has fun playing with their collective minds like a drunk kitten, all the while being hunted down by a trench-coat wearin’, vampire butt-kickin’ priest…

It never ceases to amaze me how Dimension wouldn’t know a cult franchise character if it bit them in the…neck. I speak of the woefully under-appreciated Jason Scott Lee, who plays the priest Ufizzi in this movie. His character was underused in this sequel, and that’s a shame. But all useless griping aside, let’s take a look at this sequel, shall we?

Dracula 2 is the sequel to Dracula 2000. Obvious references to calling this one Dracula 2003 aside, this one featured a different actor than from the first one, who strikes a bit more of a Euro-cool Dracula…which is a pity he was tied up for most of the film. Regardless, the way he made his escape was pretty slick, referencing a couple of little-used and obscure points in vampire lore (the only other place I’ve seen it done was that vampire trailer park episode of the X-Files). This time, the film is a bit more character driven, and the cast gives some intense performances. While the action was usually focused with Scott Lee’s priest character, it was still engaging. Bottom line, Dracula 2: Ascension is a good sequel to a good genre movie. And with the news of a third in a proposed trilogy, with Jason Scott Lee returning as the Ufizzi and Jason London, who played a med student with Vampire Killer potential in this one, returning to hunt down Dracula- well, I’m there when it’s released. Otherwise, get this along with the first one, and make a night of it…