christopherwalkenangelofdeathA few years ago, I received an e-mail from someone who sent it via the “Contact Uncle NecRo” link on my old website, The Padded Cell. The subject line read: “Are You A Christian?” The body of the message was simple:

“Are you sure?”

Pointed, straight forward, no muss no fuss. I like that. As such, I replied back in kind:


See, I’m a big fan of answering yes or no questions with either yes or no. Don’t want to divulge more information than what was requested. Usually, when more of said info is needed, I’ll be asked further probing questions.

In the case of the e-mail in question, the party who sent me the query to begin with hasn’t to date responded back with further probing questions. Which leads me to assume that my simple response was enough to satisfy their curiosity on the subject of my allegiance to the risen Lord and Saviour. I can picture the guy reading my response, saying “Oh, okay. Cool.” Then skipping along merrily from the computer. Tra-la-la-la-la.

But I digress.

Really, it does not bother me that fellow brethren and sisteren have questions about my faith in Christ Jesus. If it means starting a dialog that’s open and results in the strengthening of each others faith, all the better.

The problem I tend to run into is that, as a born-again, souled out (pun intended) and hardcore (not in the music sense) follower of Jesus Christ, I’m not very “Christian friendly”. Which is where a lot of these questions about my faith comes from.

No, I don’t suppose I’m very “Christian friendly”. I don’t worry about it. Mostly because I haven’t the foggiest as to what “Christian friendly” means, exactly.

My relationships with my friends, family, Christians and non-Christians alike is the same way I approach my relationship with God- raw, unvarnished and honest. He wants me to present myself to Him as I am: a sinner who is washed completely in the blood of Jesus, filthy and flawed and completely dependent on His grace and mercy, clinging to the Holy Spirit for guidance. This is me, warts and all. And I figure, if that’s good enough for God, then it’s good enough for everyone who wishes to get to know ol’ Uncle NecRo.

I feel convicted if and when I water myself down for the sake of being “Christian friendly”. I’ve wasted too much time in the past trying to live up to those Super-Christian standards just to be accepted by others within the church.

I guess I just want everyone reading this to know that, the same Uncle NecRo you see at church is gonna be the same one you see outside or online. I’m not gonna pretend to be one thing to one person, then a totally different person to another. I’m going to be me with you.

And if that means you doubt my being a Christian, that’s fine. Grab some coffee with me, and we’ll talk. Just don’t expect differential treatment.

Or linear thinking, for that matter…