ELEKTRA20th Century Fox

“You know, I used to be the Treasure and I don’t like being replaced. So let’s keep your death between you and me.”

Taking place some time after the events in Daredevil, Elektra is alive and not-so-well as a stone cold lady assassin who wields a mean sai. After a brief flash of personal conscience, E suddenly finds herself protecting two fugitives marked for death by the even more mystical and deadly Hand, one of which is a young girl that’s called The Treasure…

You know, after this movie came out in theaters, and was relatively ripped to shreds by critics and comic fanboys alike, I wasn’t about to waste money watching the movie. Mind you, I haven’t read up on Elektra comics, either the classic Frank Miller series, or the recent run on the Marvel Knights label. It wasn’t until recently, when my boss (a bigger geek than I am, imagine that) brought his copy for me to watch that I popped it in my DVD player and watched what would ensue.

To tell you the truth, I rather enjoyed this movie. I also enjoyed Daredevil when it seemed everyone else despised it, but that’s another story. Jennifer Garner played the part of the cold and calculating Elektra nicely, I thought, with the entire tone of the movie being somber and taken seriously, instead of going some cheesy route that it could very easily had. Her resurrection was touched on briefly in flashbacks, and wasn’t as over-the-top as most thought it was. The character of Stick was interesting, considering he was more a character for the Daredevil comics than Elektra, but again I digress. Overall, not a bad popcorn action / fantasy flick. Quit yer’ whinin’ and check it out sometime…