fantastic four 220th Century Fox

“All that you know, is at an end.”

The campy, big-effects sequel to the first campy, big-effects movie is the clichéd epitome of the flashy popcorn sci-fi action flick. And no, that’s not a derogatory put-down. In case you haven’t been paying attention, most of my movie viewing consists of a steady diet of what most “serious” movie critics refer to as schmaltzy low-brow entertainment.

And what wonderful schmaltzy low-brow entertainment this Fantastic Four sequel is. Shameless comic book fun, with great special effects, action sequences, and perhaps the best rendering of a planet-eating demigod on celluloid I’ve seen. Sure, the acting is on the campy side, and they’ve once again ruined Von Doom (he’s a Latvian megalomaniac master of both science and magic, not some 80s Wall Street power broker with an unfortunate skin condition), but really- I didn’t go into the movie expecting Oscar-level material. I expected a fun comic-book based action movie with nods to the fanboys (the wedding scene was priceless) and flashy effects, and boy howdy did I get it. Recommended…