justice league starcrossedWarner Bros. Animation

The Justice League is on patrol in Washington, D. C. while the international peace summit takes place. Suddenly, the Capitol is under attack by an alien spaceship, and the combined forces of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman can’t stop it…until a whole fleet of spaceships swoop down and destroys the menace. A fleet that turns out to be Thanagarian, from Hawkgirl’s home planet. And the leader of the winged warriors happens to be Hawkgirl’s old fiancĂ©. Which kind of weirds out Green Lantern, as he’s been having a little somethin’ somethin’ with Hawkgirl since about the middle of Second Season or so. But, anyway, referring back to Plot A: Seems there’s a warlike alien race headed toward Earth with notions of worldwide conquest on their noggins, and the Thanagarians have arrived to help the citizens of Earth defend against the horde. Only Batman thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that the Thanagarians arrived just as the one ship attacked. Soon, the true purpose of the Thanagarian presence is made known, which would mean the utter annihilation of our planet. With Hawkgirl’s allegiance now apparently with the Thanagarians (how many times can I say that?), the Justice League must try to stop their plans…otherwise, well…boom…

Starcrossed The Movie is technically the three-part series finale of the Cartoon Network series (it changed over to Justice League Unlimited afterwards). Clocking in at 68 minutes on DVD, it seems a bit short for a movie, but trust me when I say, it jams a lot of action in little over an hour. Like the other Bruce Timm-created cartoons utilizing the popular DC characters (Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, etc.), Justice League manages to recreate the wonder of the superhero comics while not insulting the collective intelligence of those watching it. Meaning, this Justice League ain’t your daddy’s Superfriends. There’s the action, natch, but the script explores the complexities of the relationships of the characters- Hawkgirl’s feelings for Green Lantern and friends in the League versus her duty to her people, and the betrayal felt by the League. This made these superheroes more than just comic book characters…you feel something beyond just a quick ‘toon fix. The ending, I must admit, brought a tear to my eye, something that hasn’t happened since the end of Iron Giant, and Snoopy Come Home before that. Bite me.

Final analysis: Starcrossed The Movie is yet another example in the high-quality cartoons that Bruce Timm and co. have been putting out- simple yet engaging animation, fantastic voice actors, and a script that doesn’t dumb it down. Quality stuff…