KrullColumbia Pictures

“If I had my wish I’d be out of this gloomy place right away. If I really had my wish I’d be sitting on top of a gooseberry pie as big as a mountain. No, that’s a bit greedy. I’ll settle for one as big as a house.”

Truth be told, there’s a bunch of movies that I have yet to watch that many have just assumed I’ve already seen, and then when they find out I haven’t seen ’em yet the registered shock from shattering illusions makes for some rather amusing reactions.

Take Krull, for instance – the 1982 sci-fi fantasy cult classic that is considered required watching for anyone who’s serious about their geek cred. Yeah, managed to go without watching that one until very recently. And the reason I did watch it was because my near, dear brother-from-a-different-mother Nex discovered I have yet to watch Krull. And after recovering from some kind of brief seizure, immediately sat me on his couch and brought Krull up on his Net Flix streaming.

So…yeah, Krull. The story involves a planet that bears the title of the movie, a horde of intergalactic evil conquerors that fly around in a giant black petrified tree stump, and rides around on horses, firing laser thingies, and wearing black Power Ranger outfits. They go around, terrorizing the planet, and manage to eventually crash a royal wedding, killing most of the guests and guards, wounding the prince and kidnapping the princess. After a bunch of self-pity educed whining, said Prince goes off on a quest to find his Princess before the alien horde disappear with her forever, on the way hooking up with a ragtag bunch to help fight them.

Yeah, the story is pretty standard fantasy fare, with a bit of the ol’ Sci-Fi mixed in there. Seems that the movie was originally going to be a Dungeons & Dragons movie, but couldn’t secure the rights to use that, so we got a D&D-meets-Star Wars kind of thing. Well, heavy on the D&D fantasy actually.

The movie itself is campy fun. The effects are obviously dated, and the acting is a bit over-the-top, but all that adds to the experience, really. Far from a masterpiece, with several cliched plot contrivances, nevertheless Krull is far better than a lot of fantasy movies that have come out since (Neverending Story III, anyone?). The acting is just hammy enough to make everything fun, and it’s easy to get past the dated effects going on. I’d say, if you haven’t watched it yet, like I waited so long to do so, at least give it one look. Go ahead, watch it with friends. Have yourself a good time, there.