at-at-walker-cat-joost5It’s always dark where my dreams take me.  This is no different.

It’s an old, dilapidated warehouse area, full of industrial liter and alleyways.  Me and my friends.  We’re wandering around, when Tina is kidnapped by a rival gang.  We then seek out the help of Batman Beyond, who just happened to be around the next corner.  He agrees to help.

We follow a trail to an old castle-mansion in the middle of the dark city.  I agree to go in and scout out where they have her, so my 7-foot Terror Bot goes before me, disabling the various surveillance cameras and boobie traps that we encounter.  The entire visual spectrum is blue.  I locate Tina, who’s seated in the middle of the others, all sipping coffee and chattering in an unknown language.  I freeze time, leaving only Tina in real time.  She turns to me and says something in the strange language, yet I understand what she says.

I turn and enter into a dingy and sparsely-crowded way station, and I sit on one of the hard molded plastic chairs.  I look up into the open air, and notice the Bat Signal flashing on the clouds.  Then, the Dog Signal, the Smiley Face signal, the 1930s Cartoon Dog Signal, and the Hot Dog signal.  I’m then riding on the massive plastic hamburger replica, floating high in the sky on the Burger Train sponsored by McDonald’s.

I bob, I dip, and turn high above the city upon the hamburgers.  My stomach does flip-flops, but I am not afraid of falling, because it’s only a movie.  I step off the hamburger and walk down to the old steamboat, looking for the outlaws to put back in their cages.  I find three, one of which is Pete Ross.  I lead them back toa booth table by an old window covered in chicken wire.  We talk for a bit, until a voice comes over the loudspeaker announcing a sale on all late-model Hondas.

I awaken to my radio alarm clock.