MAYLions Gate Films

“If you can’t find a friend, make one.”

Well, cut me into portions and Kentucky fry me. I couldn’t have found a more perfect modern horror flick if I tried. This sucker hit me all sorts of ways with its sweet, sad, quirky, gory mind-trip that plays with my senses like a drunken kitten. May is a twisted character study that doesn’t hold back on the darkness…

The movie starts off as a very quirky and bleak tale of the lead character, who grows up as an outcast due to her lazy eye, and mostly because of her whacked-out mother. As a young lady, her social skills leave something to be desired…working at a vet clinic, the shy and awkward May finds solace in sewing and her “best friend”, a spooky doll encased in a glass box (as a side note…dolls creep me out. Especially porcelain dolls…there’s just something unsettling about them). One day, May decides to throw caution to the wind and fall in love with a real person. How does she emerge from her foray into the relationship game? Let me put it this way…be afraid…be very afraid…

This movie worked for me on several levels. On the one hand, we have a dark character study about being the outcast and trying to fit in a society where people mostly grade you on looks. I really felt for the girl, despite her not-so-conventional means of dealing with her situations. On another level, you got a blacker-than-black humor that cuts deeply, especially when she snaps completely in the second half. You also have a “genre tribute” aspect, where homage to the Italian horror flicks of the 70s are warmly and fondly saluted (mainly through the brooding horror fiend mechanic May finds herself infatuated with). And of course, I would be remiss to leave out the straight-ahead psycho-Frankenstein aspect, when our little anti-heroine goes on her impromptu body part scavenger hunt.

Bottom line- if you’re looking for an intelligent horror flick that gives loads of clever dialogue, dark humor galore, and superb acting without going light on the gore, May is required watching. It will suck you in, it will make you laugh, it will make you cringe, it will make you jump up and loudly proclaim the sacredness of manure at how well-made this film is. And trust me, the last couple of minutes will make you go, “What the hell?!?”