robin williams good morning vietnam

Robin Williams has died. The news is all over the place, and after cross referencing with several credible news sources, it appears to be true: The man who was a very influential part of my own personality development was found dead of an apparent suicide. I do not wish to delve into the details, really. I’m still rather in shock.

I was at work when someone shared the information. My first thought was, “No, he’s not,” then “I didn’t know he was that ill.” Then later it was confirmed about the cause of death, and I was saddened even further.

Look, I’m not going to take this as an opportunity to moralize about suicide, or use this tragedy as a soapbox for some stupid theological agenda. I never would do that.

I will, however, take this time to express my sorrow at the loss of this individual, both as a pop culture icon, and simply as a human being. Say what you will, Robin Williams used his talent to touch many lives, directly or indirectly. Me, it was very much indirectly, through his stand-up, his movies, and of course Mork & Mindy back in the day. It was his role in the movie Good Morning Vietnam that led me to decide to develop my interest and talent in broadcasting and mass media dabbling, and my own voice in my own small part of the world.

I will never be as famous as Robin Williams was. He made mistakes, and he was never perfect. But he helped to show me the value of laughter and having a sense of humor in life.

Goodbye, Mister Williams. The world is now a less funny place.